Garage Gates

Garage gate is not only aesthetically fulfilment to the façade, but also provides additional burglary protection for your home and car. Appropriately selected in terms of opening functions, equipped with a robust mechanism, it will be reliable in everyday use and thousands of opening and closing cycles throughout the entire life cycle.

Due to many years of experience in the supply and installation of garage gates and the use of modern technological solutions, Team-Plast has garage gates and industrial gates on the world's highest technical level, in various opening variants.

Tilt garage gates

Tilt garage gates are the most popular standard gates solution for safety and comfort. The added advantage is their tested, stable and durable construction occurring in many aesthetic variants.

    Team-Plast offers users the proven Novoferm tilting gates whose most important features are the following:
  • Stability of the construction - achieved due to high resistance of frame profiles and corner joints, as well as additional transverse reinforcements.
  • Confidence and security - guaranteed by a lock with one-sided patent insert and two keys.
  • Simplicity and functionality of the installation - the tilting gates can be installed both in the light of the orifices and outside the outlets of the construction openings.
  • Acoustic comfort - the door has noiseless operation.
  • Corrosion resistance - components, frame, steel top, lever arms and other profiles and hardware are galvanized.
  • Aesthetics and durability - which are provided by the construction of the top and steel fillings with polyester-based powder coating.

Sectional garage gates

Sectional garage gates are a convenient solution, and above all, allowing for a better use of valuable garage space. Made of single panels the gate leaf moves along the horizontal and vertical guides. Special shape protection prevents fingers from jamming.

    Team-Plast offers sectional garage gates in two variants:
  • Garage gate ISO20 - for garages up to 3 m high. Thermal insulation with heat transfer coefficient U ≤ 1.0 W / (m2K). On the inside and outside, equipped with panels to prevent fingers from jamming. In the basic variant on the outside, standard white, from the inside grey white. Depending on your needs, you can choose different aesthetic variants.
  • Garage gate ISO 45 - for garages with a width of 2.25 m to 5.0 m. Thermal insulation with a heat transfer coefficient U ≤ 0.5 W / (m2K). On the inside and outside, equipped with panels to prevent fingers from jamming and double-sided protection in the event of spring cracks. Depending on your needs, you can choose different aesthetic variants and shades of RAL palette.