Glass door

Glass door, a solution that is growing in popularity. The product perfectly fits into the current trends in interior design standards, being an attractive and original complement to modernistic concepts using glazed surfaces as an ornamental, structural and yet functional element.

Glass, a universal material, perfectly fits with wood, aluminium, stainless steel and natural stone. Due to the richness of construction and materials, doors made of various types of glass can be used practically in any room: in the bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, as a room door, as a partition between the living room and the dining room or the separation of an area in the lobby or a vestibule.

Glass is style

Interior doors made entirely of glass is the attention-catching solution, which in itself is a universal decoration. Due to modern production technologies, it is possible to "melt" into the internal glass structure of other virtually any materials, which opens completely new ways of design and space formation. Glass doors, while decorating your home, allow you to create the character of the interior giving them cool elegance combined with metal or warmth and cosiness combined with wood.

The glass door, the only solution that physically divides the room, simultaneously gives the effect of their optical magnification. Glass panes reflecting some of the light rays illuminate the interior making them optically brighter and larger. The use of hardened large-area glass perfectly emphasizes the spatial dimension, allowing the creation of unusual arrangements.

Freedom of design

Team-Plast has glass doors in an unlimited number of designs and ornaments, with wooden frames or without frames, with a handle or handrail, transparent or opaque. The efficiency and functionality of the products are ensured by Dorma's highest value-added hardware. Because of the versatility and the vast array of possibilities, glass doors can be adapted to different interior design concepts.