Winter Gardens

Winter gardens are an increasingly popular space for year-round relaxation. It allows to enjoy the surrounding views no matter the season or the weather. Team-Plast has a system of aluminium profiles for winter gardens and other similar constructions such as conservatories or glazed verandas.

In an unusual climate

Winter garden can be a unique place to rest. A charming living room drenched in the garden space or vice versa - garden invited to the home space. The unusual, glazed form of the winter garden allows to clear the boundaries between the cosy interior of the house and the colourful outside world, creating climatic and original architectural forms. Winter gardens perfectly fit into the modern trends in residential construction, where one of the most important pursuits is to open the rooms to light and space.

Garden all year round

The material that is ideally suited for the construction of winter gardens is aluminium. Light, yet rigid material allows the construction of large areas of glazed walls and roofs. Due to solid polyamide thermal inserts, you can get warm and comfortable interiors for a moment of rest and relaxation close to nature, even in the coldest days of the year. By using aluminium profiles without thermal inserts, you can design and construct conservatories that do not require thermal insulation.

Light and cosy

The architectural lightness of the winter garden design, while maintaining warm and cosy interiors, is provided by the Aluprof MB WG-60 profile system offered by Team-Plast. Based on thermally insulated profiles, it allows to design garden constructions used throughout the year as a comfortable living space. In the version without thermal inserts, it is possible to use profiles for the construction not requiring thermal insulation such as orangery or verandas with polycarbonate panels.

Warm walls, warm roof

The MB WG-60 system in combination with the MB SR- 50 curtain wall system enables the construction of thermally insulated roofs with very long rafter lengths. The compatibility of both systems allows for the creation of any construction including the complicated geometry of the walls and roof, while maintaining excellent thermal insulation values.

Reliable construction

    The construction of winter gardens requires special strength and good thermal insulation to provide protection against atmospheric factors throughout the year while providing the required ventilation. The MB WG-60 system allows to obtain any architectural form with high strength and optimum tightness due to special solutions such as:
  • the use of special chamber thermal separators, EPDM membrane and HPVC profile, thermally insulating glass corner area, especially susceptible to low temperatures,
  • the use of rafter profiles with the latest generation of spacers, which increase the thermal insulation and strength,
  • linkage of rafter profiles, purlins and hinge profiles in such a way as to facilitate drainage and ventilation as easily as possible, as well as assembly,
  • introduction of continuous EPDM membranes to protect the internal aluminium profiles from cold air, which guarantees complete water tightness,
  • unique solution of such configuration and positioning of the pivot points of the hinge profiles around the eaves beam and the ridge, which allows the roof to rotate from 745 ° from the level, and also to mask the wall-roof,
  • wide range of glazing in the range of 20-40 mm,
  • providing all equipment in a system that guarantees: ventilation, air exchange, heating and keeping the optimum microclimate,
  • introduction to ensure efficient drainage of rain water from the roof and internal condensate drainage integrated into the eaves beam profile,
  • two different glazing systems for external rafters.