and assembly


Team Plast offers its customers detailed measurement with specialized tools, combined with professional advice on the products offered. Measurement is carried out by persons with appropriate technical training, which will also provide comprehensive advice, helping to choose the best optimum window or door system for your conditions and budget.


Correct installation is essential for the window or door system to perform its functions reliably and to achieve the required insulation, watertightness, air permeability, mechanical strength, etc. Errors made during installation can affect the efficiency of the entire system, therefore the quality of installation should go hand in hand with the quality of the products themselves.

    A well done installation must ensure that the system will meet all the tasks set for it at the production stage. To do so, follow these steps:
  • Prepare the assembly plan after reviewing the construction project in the section on windows and balcony doors and assembly requirements, check that they meet the requirements, and above all the current technical knowledge.
  • Do not change hastily and without a clear need for projected window positions in the jamb frames.
  • If necessary, specify the essential range of changes to the design requirements of the assembly, taking into account the impact that changes will have on the way and technique of the assembly and the planned final effect.
  • Using during the construction of repetitive projects, determine the appropriate wind load zone and terrain category for the location of the building.
  • Define the desired reference transmittance or infiltration coefficient for connection of window with jamb frame.
  • Level the construction site. Apply a 1m height benchmarks and floor in the rough and ready condition.
  • Prepare the jamb frames and the +/- 15 cm area around the jamb, providing straightness, smoothness and cohesion of the jamb and construction walls in the area.
  • Measure the window openings after applying the benchmark and preparing the jamb.
  • Determine the width of expansion joints according to the predicted dimensions of window constructions and their thermal expansion.
  • Specify the number and location of the mechanical fastening points of the window in the jambs and the support points of the window construction.
  • The type of mechanical fasteners must be appropriate for the material from which the structural walls of the building are constructed.
  • The number and location of mechanical fastening points, take into account with consideration of the pressure of the wind speed characteristic for the location of the object, and the support points depending on the weight of the construction and forces arising from its utility functions.
  • Window constructions exposed to user-generated operating loads, such as entrance thresholds, balcony door thresholds, shall be supported throughout the width of the construction.
  • Specify the necessary number of sealing layers around the window.
  • The materials for making the sealing layers must be suitable for the specified joint width and the number, arrangement and type of mechanical joints, and, above all, their properties must ensure that the assumed air infiltration level is achieved by joining the overlapping window.
  • Provide constant availability of energy, water and toilet facilities on site.
  • Identify and determine the approach and delivery of window constructions to the site, provide conditions for secure internal communication, storage conditions, transfer and arming of constructions and necessary equipment requirements.
  • If you have any doubts as to how to install windows or material selection, please use the available technical knowledge and above all, "Information on installation requirements and installation technique of uPVC windows and doors from Team-Plast "or contact the appropriate window manufacturer services.