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Team Balance ART is a window system made of window profiles, which is an example of a combination of excellent design and outstanding performance. Ultra-modern product, meeting the highest expectations of modern construction. Postmodernism and energy efficiency are two distinguishing features of the product that allow for a bold aesthetic design with full regard for economic efficiency.

Sash height
Frame height
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Roto NT
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5 years

Glass without borders

Maximizing glazed surfaces without visible divisions is the current determinant and symbol of modernity, lightness and unlimited architectural possibilities. The more glass, the more light, spatial breath and openness to the world. Implementing these goals by designers and investors would not be possible without bold technical solutions such as the Team Balance ART. This is an absolutely innovative solution in which the construction of the jamb frame allows for a complete concealment of the sash frame. The window with the opening function is a resemblance to the fixed glazing. Visual effect - windowless frame, harmoniously combined with facade. The technology based on the Team Balance ART profiles allows to design and assemble windows with enormous glass surfaces that perfectly fit into contemporary architectural trends. Exposing the glazing itself, and hiding frames, is the ideal solution for projects that minimize form and visual purity, in which the most important role is the building's raw materials, such as stone, wood, or glass.

Heat is the future

The aesthetics of the windows, coupled with high thermal insulation, is the answer to the current expectations of buyers in line with the requirements of current and future regulations according to which the direction of development of buildings is almost zero energy consumption. The Team Balance ART is now available to meet the energy standards of the future. The choice of modern technological solutions is a guarantee of many years of comfort and high savings resulting from the reduction of heating costs.

Multi-chamber profile geometry and 82 mm depth are the starting point for a very good thermal transmittance Uf ≤ 1.0 W / (m2 * K). The wide overall width of the frames also allows for the reduction of thermal bridges by a wider range of application of warming layer coals. In this way the value of the heat transfer coefficient Uw is obtained at the level used in energy efficient buildings. The good insulation of the whole window is also influenced by the possibility of using warm glass packages. The system allows the installation of multi-chamber glazing of thicknesses from 34 to 60 mm.

Stability, security, protection

Windows Team Balance ART is a combination of innovative solutions with elements that have been a hallmark of the VEKA design for years. Proven and worth recommending steel reinforcements provide excellent window stability, security and a high degree of functional reliability. Variety of reinforcement geometry - enclosed in the frame and open double bent in the sash further increases the stability of the whole construction.

Window Team Balance ART is also a reliable protection against adverse weather conditions such as wind, frost, moisture, hot air. The isolation efficiency is determined by the specialized construction of multi-chamber profiles and the arrangement of three gaskets: outer, middle and inner. Excellent insulation properties of the system contribute to the optimization of room temperature variations, protecting against drafts and helping to keep the heat at home. Window Team Balance ART also reliably protects against noise. Due to the integration in the insulation of the building, they can achieve the highest grade of acoustic insulation.

For various projects

One of the features of the Team Balance ART is its versatility. Windows can be designed for a variety of stylistically constructed buildings. The use of aluminium overlay perfectly composes uPVC windows with aluminium and facade constructions. Due to electrostatic painting systems, it is possible to access the full colour palette of the RAL palette. A wide selection of accessories and complementary items such as window sills, roller shutters, couplings, reinforcements, wall brackets open up many new possibilities. It is also worth emphasizing the full compatibility of window profiles with VEKA door systems (entrance, sliding and sliding / tilting door) and roller shutter systems.

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