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Team POINT is an innovative window profile system based on the most modern construction solutions. It is 90 mm deep and very low heat transfer coefficient.

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Energy efficiency

The Team POINT window profile system is the optimum choice for energy efficient buildings. It guarantees a significant reduction in heat loss and a reduction in heating costs through the use of technical and material solutions, and in particular the characteristic layout and width of the six internal chambers of the main profiles. Increasing the depth of the profile has improved the coefficient of thermal insulation of windows by 0.4 W / (m2 * K). The depth allows the installation of specialized triple glass package, which additionally protect the heat in the rooms.

The energy efficiency of Team POINT windows is primarily determined by the innovative design of the six-chamber profiles in which each component is designed to maximize the savings associated with reducing heat loss. The effect is that the windows provide a reliable barrier against the inflow of cool air from the outside, while keeping the heat inside the premises. The thermal insulation performance of Team POINT profiles results, among other things, from the use of thick external and internal chambers, as well as the filling of the largest window frame with a special thermal insert. It is also important to have a well-designed chassis system, further improving the insulation performance. As a result, Team POINT glazing Ug = 0.5 W / (m2 * K) achieves a thermal permeability coefficient of Uw = 0.8 W / (m2 * K), which allows them to be used not only in energy efficient buildings, but also in passive buildings.


Team POINT windows are a technological step forward with respect to traditional window constructions, even those meeting current energy efficiency standards. Among the applied solutions especially innovative are:

  • depth of 90 mm, allowing for the installation of the latest generation of glazing thicknesses from 24 to 50 mm in a double or triple glass option
  • external wall thickness of "A" class according to PN-EN 12608: 2004
  • triple gasket system with central gasket, as well as a special way of assembling them, with the possibility of connecting them by welding, allowing for excellent tightness and insulation,
  • the possibility of applying a thermal wedge integrated into one of the profile chambers,
  • a small overall width of the frame and sash folding, which increases the glazing area.

Timeless elegance

Team POINT windows are classic design, versatile elegance, chic and versatile simplicity. The aesthetic qualities are both in modern buildings and in more traditional buildings. The rich palette of 55 colours allows to harmoniously match them to every facade and style. The surface of uPVC profiles can imitate both wood and aluminium structure, without compromising the freedom of architectural concepts.


of 55 colors

Of the wide range of colors available in this profile, there is something to choose for everyone.

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