Front door

In a single-family house, the front door is a decoration of the house used countless times over the life cycle. For this reason, it should be as beautiful, durable and resistant to day-to-day use, and in addition warm, tight and safe.

Team-Plast has entrance doors which are an example of the reliability that meets the highest demands on mechanical durability, reliable operation, weather protection and safety, with varied design and impeccable styling.

Front door with attachment panel

Front door with attachment panel is a solution with original design that corresponds to contemporary trends, ideal for modern construction projects. The entire surface of the leaf, both from the inside and the outside, is covered so we can achieve a perfectly flat leaf surface. One-sided attachment panels are also available. In this case only the outer part of the leaf is flat and fully covered. Front doors with attachment panels are a technologically advanced solution that guarantees durability and reliability.

Front door with inset panel

Batch filling is placed in the classic sash of the entrance door. It does not cover the sash frame from the outside and inside. The product visually differs from the overlay door, while simultaneously creating a variety of visual effects tailored to the individual projects, needs and expectations of investors.

Concrete doors

Reliable, safe and elegant ...

The list of expectations for the entrance door is quite substantial. How to reconcile all these features? We introduce the exclusive line of Rodenberg concrete doors. Simple , industrial design and surprisingly light construction are features that make the collection of concrete doors more and more popular in Poland and in the world.

Aluminium doors with hidden hinges

Aluminium entrance door with hidden hinges is a modern technical solution designed specifically for the elegant and stylish look of the door. Hidden hinges are completely invisible when the sash is closed. The design is perfect for projects where exterior doors are prominent, as an element of design that counts even the smallest detail.

Door with fingerprint reader

Entrance door with fingerprint reader, this solution is recommended for homes and facilities where security and protection against burglary becomes a matter of primary importance. Offered by Team-Plast the fingerprint reader system, coupled with additional high-class door security features, is the perfect compromise between safety and comfort of use.

All offered by Team-Plast entrance doors are available in many stylistic and aesthetic variants, allowing to perfectly compose them with the appearance of the facade and the interior climate.