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The Team Icon window system is designed for these architectural projects, where the leading element is pure glass without unnecessary barriers and decorations. The Team Icon window is light, space and the only lightweight style that can give a complete or partial hiding of the frame. For anyone who likes glass without borders, the Team Icon system is perfect.

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Glass. Only glass

One of the main trends of today's architecture is to expose the role of glass. Windows are not only the insulation and protection, but also the building baffle in terms of rank equal to the walls. And it's a baffle with an important mission - to make it look light and transparent, which supposed to receive as much light and give it to the rooms. Large glazing is an impressive opening of the building to the surrounding world. Team Icon windows from inside can create a single, flushed surface, resting on straight, gently outlined contours from the outside. The design without glazing bead gives the impression of a smooth surface. Team Icon windows are available in three mounting options: 100% visible frame, partially visible frame and almost completely hidden frame. This diversity opens up the full freedom of design and the ability to apply unlimited glass.

Lightness of sashes

The Team Icon window breaks with the tradition of window frames, which are clearly marked with sashes. Here the sashes are not visible from the outside. The innovative STV technology, which consists of dry gluing the glass to the profile, using double-sided adhesive tape, allows to maintain high stability of the sashes, without losing their lightness.

100 mm regardless of function

The Team Icon windows in each variant retain the same universal width of 100 mm profiles. It is the same regardless of the functionality selected. It is the same in windows with fixed glass, in windows with movable posts and in the tilt & turn variant. Due to that, even with different types of system within one building, their visual homogeneity will be preserved.

Lots of light, more heat

Due to the ultra-narrow profiles of the Team Icon, more light is added to the rooms rather than in traditional solutions. Absorbed heat energy will not escape easily from the building, because it is protected by IKD technology, which guarantees high thermal insulation. Due to the special insulating foam of one of the profile chambers, very effective thermal protection is possible.

Minimalist beauty

Team Icon windows, with their ability to create wide, uniform glazing, perfectly match the specifics of modern architecture. The smoothness from the inside and the acrylcolor coating from the outside fits perfectly into the minimalist aesthetics.


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Of the wide range of colors available in this profile, there is something to choose for everyone.

AcrylColor - applied only from the outside

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