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Team Straight window profile system complies with modern building standards in terms of economy, design and thermal insulation. This is a solution for stability and security. The system is available in five- and six-chamber versions.

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The rounded contours of the windows and glazing beads make the system look and feel modern. It perfectly matches modern architectural trends, while emphasizing the individual character of the interior and the building. The rounded line of glazing beads, frames and sashes gives the whole design a lightness and subtle elegance. Wide colour palette allows to harmonize the window veneer with the whole arrangement.

Energy efficiency

The five-chamber and six-chamber profile construction allows for very good thermal insulation performance. Confirmed tests have shown that the Team Straight system is characterized by a heat transfer coefficient U f = 1.1 W / m²K. Such value allows significant savings in energy consumption. Good energy efficiency is influenced by the special arrangement of the chambers and seals, as well as the depth of the sash of 84.5 mm.


The Team Straight achieves excellent statics due to large steel reinforcements in the frame and sash. High structural stability is possible due to the same reinforcements used for the frame, sash and post. This allows the installation of large windows, resistant to external factors such as wind, rain, moisture and frost.

Comfort and security

Windows Team Straight is primarily everyday convenience of use. They are not only environmentally friendly but also user friendly. The patented GECCO 3 ventilation system guarantees regular outdoor air exchange, allowing efficient air conditioning of rooms, without causing heat losses. This high quality solution is based on the use of an innovative ventilation flap designed especially for systems with retaining seals.

Window construction Team Straight allows the installation of anti-burglary glass and fittings. The everyday comfort of use also makes it easy to care for and easy to clean.


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Of the wide range of colors available in this profile, there is something to choose for everyone.

AcrylColor - applied only from the outside

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