uPVC windows and doors

Windows and doors from uPVC are economical, versatile and perfectly fit into the modern tendency of energy efficiency. TeamPlast has the warmest solutions in terms of uPVC window frames. We offer systems based on advanced multi-chamber profiles. Five, six or even seven chambers allow to achieve the best insulation values. If you care about warm, stable and comfortable windows - choose uPVC.

uPVC windows

uPVC windows and doors provide excellent insulation and safety. TeamPlast's window systems are based on the most innovative solutions in terms of profile construction. The multi-chamber geometry with even seven chambers in the frame profile, coupled with optimum depth of installation as well as the ability to use very warm glass, provides excellent thermal insulation and therefore reduces heating costs. Even five-chamber profiles in the TeamPlast’s system allow for the thermal transmittance required for buildings with higher energy efficiency standards. uPVC windows and doors are solid and reliable. Advanced profile construction not only guarantees the reduction of heat loss but also protection against weather and mechanical factors. Reliable steel reinforcements provide excellent statics and burglar security. uPVC is also a beauty and timeless elegance.

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