Internal building

Window systems not only confront the outside world. They can also arrange the internal space, giving it a unique character and the comfort of work. Using them instead of traditional partition walls gives the effect of spacious, full of light and open spaces, while at the same time ensuring the desired intimacy. Team-Plast offers several ALUPROF internal building systems.

MB EXPO (whole-glass walls) - for high construction

This is a system of internal walls designed for high quality segments of parked and folded doors. Due to the possibility of building high rooms (about 4m) and gaining wide open doors, it will be perfect for shops, shopping centres, trade fairs as well as office rooms.

MB 80 OFFICE (aluminium partition walls) - for glass oases

On the basis of this system, baffles are constructed in offices and other public facilities. It allows to create transparent and non-transparent fillings. Provides high acoustic insulation. Provides the possibility of using internal blinds.

MB 45 (aluminium-glass walls) and MB 45 OFFICE (whole-glass walls) - for whole glass office

Walls designed to construct light but durable baffles in offices and conference rooms where the door is clearly marked. Based on MB-45 OFFICE, internal baffles also of tempered glass are made. It is suitable for making solid partition walls and door sashes entirely made of glass, of both swinging and turning type, hand-operated and automatically.

MB 75 EI (mullion-free fire walls) - for large, plain surfaces

This system allows the construction of internal partitions without the visible vertical profiles separating individual wall modules, which perfectly correspond to modern architectural standards. It allows to freely design and construct very large interior partition walls. Due to the transparent modules, the constructions made of this system optically enlarge the interior. At the same time they provide security, allowing for the organization of fire zones in buildings and guaranteeing adequate conditions for evacuation of people.

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