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System with increased thermal insulation

The TM 74 1.0 system is specifically designed for high thermal insulation applications. It enables the implementation of modern window solutions in a variety of configurations, even in non-standard architectural designs, and enables the installation of windows in facade systems.

Sash height
Frame height
of profile building
Ug - heat transfer
coefficient of the glass
Uw - heat transfer
coefficient of the profile
5 years

Windows in many variants

    The TM 74 system is used for the construction of windows and external constructions in housing, utility and industrial buildings. It allows to make such window constructions as:
  • fixed windows,
  • tilt / turn windows,
  • turn windows,
  • tilt windows,
  • multi-sash windows,
  • windows with fixed posts,
  • windows with movable posts,
  • windows with a hidden sash,
  • tilt / slide windows.

Energy efficiency

TM 74 is a system that meets the highest standards in terms of thermal insulation. It consists of three-chamber aluminium profiles with a thermal separator. Thermo insulators are made of fiberglass reinforced polyamide, and the space between them is additionally filled with polyurethane foam, which allows for solid protection against heat loss. Due to these solutions, a very favourable heat transfer coefficient for the frame is achieved at the level of Uf = 1.0 W / m2K - PN-EN 10077. With such good thermal insulation performance, the system can successfully be installed in energy-efficient buildings and in any construction where the key is heat protection. This is an economical solution that optimizes operating costs.

Glass opens many opportunities

The TM 74 is one of those systems that let to discover the full potential of glass building, opening up to a variety of forms. This enables the specification of the components forming the TM 74. Due to the reinforced profiles, it is possible to assemble larger constructions both inside and outside. The depth of the 74 mm frame and the 83.4 mm sash gives the architects a large space for various projects. The ability to bend profiles is another feature of the system, allowing the plasticity of the structure and their adaptation even to unconventional architectural vision. Windows can be assembled in a variety of configurations and the ability to connect to other systems YAWAL still extends a palette of design variants.

Beautiful and useful

The TM 74 windows allow to create extraordinary aesthetic effects, perfect for modern buildings, even those with non-standard lines, emphasizing their elegance and chic. Components can be assembled at any angle and TM 74 1.0 can be used for a variety of fill types (composite glass, also in triple glass packages of 13-57 mm thickness). Due to the full range of modern hardware and profiles of different widths within the system, you can achieve a variety of visual effects. The maximum width of the tilt and tilt-and-turn sashes is 1600 mm, the height of 2500 mm and the maximum weight of 130 kg. With additional profiles, it is possible to install combination windows with various functions arranged in any layout. The aesthetic qualities of the construction emphasize the high quality of the surface finish of the profiles: painting powder coating, wood-like colour and anodizing.

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