MB-77 HS

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Lift-slide door

Aluminium profiles are ideal for lifting and sliding systems used to build terraces, verandas or winter gardens. They are durable, comfortable to operate and functional, so they provide comfort for years of use. The MB-77 HS door is specifically designed for large glazing areas in the garden partitions. They perfectly communicate the interiors with the outside environment, opening them to light and space. Due to the solutions used, the system works well in single-family houses as well as in comfortable apartments and hotels.

Sash height
Frame height
of profile building
Ug - heat transfer
coefficient of the glass
Uw - heat transfer
coefficient of the profile
5 years

Open to the environment

The MB-77 HS lift-and-slide doors provide convenient access to the balcony, terrace or open garden area. They provide a very effective connection between the building interior and its external environment. With the help of the system, you can build exclusive and modern large-sized doors that give unusual panoramic visual effects, revealing panoramic views.

Heat in the winter garden

The MB-77 HS meets the highest requirements for this product range in terms of insulation. It protects against heat loss due to solutions such as a wide range of fillings, taking into account the use of single or double chamber units as well as thermal inserts and accessories. The special shape of the glazed gasket as well as the corresponding hardware guarantee a solid protection against penetration of cool air and water.
The system is available in two different thermal insulation design variants: ST and HI.


This is a "cooler" variant of the system, achieving a heat transfer coefficient for the Uf frame from 1.4 W / m2K. This is a good parameter, providing satisfactory thermal protection.


This is a "warmer" variant, recommended for objects with increased thermal insulation. Achieves excellent thermal insulation: Uw at 0.84 W / m2K.

Functionality and aesthetics

The system is based on durable and slim profiles that allow the construction of low-leaf doors with a weight of up to 400 kg, height up to 3.2 m and a width of up to 3.3 m. It allows to design and assemble doors of large dimensions, perfect for modern garden and terrace trends. It enables the realization of many variants of the doors, also the corner door with movable post. Glazing beads in three versions: Standard (rectangular), Prestige (rounded) and Style (shaped) form a variety of visual effects. Wide range of colours allows to harmoniously blend the look of the door with their surroundings, both internally and externally.

The great advantage of the system is its versatility. Profiles are designed to fit many commercially available hardware in all variants, hand-locked and automatized. In addition, the MB-77HS door is compatible with the MB-86 system, which allows for seamless integration with the windows and achieving aesthetically pleasing results due to common components used for their production and assembly.

    Additional system capabilities:
  • improved burglar properties, obtained without significant changes in the structural elements of the door due to the closed shape of the bars and other details
  • the door can be operated with the "HS-Master" control unit operated by a button or remote control,
  • the durability and safety of large and heavy doors due to the "HS Speed Limiter" mechanism available in the system.
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