Soundproof windows

If we live in a secluded area near the forest, we can skip the acoustic properties when choosing windows. Unless we do not like the sound of birds or the wind. Most of us, however, live in places where the sounds of a civilized world are heard, such as the sound of a lawn mower from a neighbour’s garden, not to mention street or railway traffic. Choosing the right acoustic windows will make the house an oasis of silence even in an environment emitting constant noise.

At home quieter

The ability of the window for external sound attenuation is determined by the Rw (according to PN-EN 12354-3 norm) expressed in decibels. Its value corresponds to the question of the extent to which the bulkhead of the window construction will protect us against external noise. The higher this indicator, the quieter it will be in the room.

The acoustic insulation of the window consists of many elements, from the raw material used to the technological solutions used. It is also important to know how the window is mounted in the jamb frame.

Glass - a barrier against noise

Windows, whose function is to suppress noise, are primarily equipped with sound-absorbing glass. These are thicker than standard glass packages in which glass panes can have a thickness of eg 6, 8 or even 10 mm. The space between the glass that is filled with noble gas, such as argon and krypton, can also be increased.

The use of special coatings and foil allows for damping of sound frequencies that can disturb the peace of the house. The foil layer further increases the mechanical strength of the window.

Quiet, quieter…

Investors living near noise sources are advised to use glazing with Rw of 40 (dB). This value gives you optimum protection against external noise. In our offer there are available types of glass with a Rw coefficient of 31 up to 51 (dB). Choosing the right product class should above all be dependent on the environment in which our home is located. It is worth to make a noise level measurement with professional tools before purchasing to determine the desired level of damping.

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