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The Team Basic windows will meet the expectations of all buyers, whose comfort and aesthetics are just as important as energy savings and financial benefits.

Sash height
Frame height
of profile building
Roto NT
Number of chambers
Ug - heat transfer
coefficient of the glass
Uw - heat transfer
coefficient of the profile
5 years

Excellent insulation

The Team BASIC window frames are the latest generation of solutions that perfectly fit into the concept of a comfortable and safe home. They guarantee protection on several levels. They protect against noise, against heat loss, and indirectly against additional expenses associated with heating. The Team BASIC is a popular and economical system that effectively performs its basic task of thermal and acoustic insulation. The versatility and benefits of the system result from the optimization of the five-chamber design of Class A sections with a standard depth of 70 mm. The specialized three-level MD sealing system offers protection against noise and heat loss at an even high level in the basic equipment. By utilizing the current capabilities of window technology, Team BASIC windows can be enriched with a variety of additional solutions that allow you to freely shape the level of utility.


The proven design of the Team BASIC windows guarantees long-term durability and mechanical strength of the products. This makes the purchase an investment with a fast return period and guarantees long-term benefits throughout its useful life. Window profiles are resistant to damage, mechanical effects and temperature changes. VEKA steel reinforcements ensure safety and long-term performance, and above all, fulfil their functions.


The softly rounded lines of the Team BASIC window profiles add the elegance to the rooms and spaces. More than 50 colour variants allow to customize them to any architectural concept. It is possible to choose a different colour of window veneers inside and outside the building so that the windows harmoniously fit into the style of each object and each room.


of 55 colors

Of the wide range of colors available in this profile, there is something to choose for everyone.

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