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Team Select Slide lift and slide patio doors are a quintessence of utility. Functionality, thermal insulation, room lighting, passive energy gains, simplicity and comfort are the features of an ideal construction solution based on original high-rigidity window frames. The product works well in every home ... with a vision whereby users using the latest generation of windows and balcony doors create by themselves space and define comfort.

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Comfort begins with heat

HST patio doors in the Team Select Slide system meet the highest standards in terms of thermal insulation. They achieve a heat transfer coefficient Uf 0.89 W / (m2 * K) with central sealing system and Uf 1.0 W / (m2 * K) in a rebated sealing system, without support elements such as, for example, steel with thermal separation. This puts the system very high among the products of energy-efficient joinery , allowing for the installation of windows in the construction of higher energy standards. Excellent thermal insulation provides a six-chamber profile and a depth of 82.5 mm in the frame and sash and an intelligent three-way sealing system. The barrier for cold air from the outside is an additional seal mounted in the bottom and the use the IKD® thermal core technology. It is an additional filling of the insulating material of one of the chambers in the jamb frame. Limiting the thermal bridges also ensures a deeper window sill due to the increased glazing bead. The system is adapted to use a warm triple glazing.

Creation and lighting of the interior

Team Select Slide lift and slide doors allow to consciously manage the usable area of your premises and create functional interiors and visual variants that are tailored to your specific design concept. Due to the possibility of joining within one construction window profiles of different overall width, the user decides the ratio of the glazed surface to the total surface of the patio door. Providing more than standard room lighting in this way is no problem. The low threshold and the different layout of the openings to the unopened elements make the HST Team Select Slide a perfect tool for managing the room function. The maximum span of the 6 meter carrying construction allows for an above-average light transition between fixed elements. The low threshold is the convenience and safety of use for both children and adults with temporary or permanently impaired mobility.

The HST Team Select Slide lift and slide door is also full of colour control by the user. There are four different colour combinations, from classic white to one or two-sided veneers, for example imitating the texture of wood to the beautiful and modern acrylcolor technology in which the coloured outer coating of window profiles is made by co-extrusion with acrylic glass. This unique uPVC staining solution provides excellent smooth satin surfaces with exceptional mechanical resistance.


The HST Team Select Slide patio doors system is highly rigid, making it resistant to mechanical factors and extremely durable. The above-average static values of windows and balcony doors result from the STV® technology, which consists of direct gluing of the glazed unit in the glazing sheet using double-sided adhesive tape. This is a unique technology of gluing "dry" windows without the use of adhesives. In this way, the combination of static glass performance and steel reinforcements takes place and the entire system becomes more stable and resistant to wind pressure and sucking forces.

Comfort of use

Due to the extraordinary precision of design and original construction solutions, Team Select Slide lift-and-slide doors are easy and pleasant to use. Large, glazed, movable elements of the sashes move extremely lightly, with grace and elegance, which is not achieved in any other window construction. Regardless of the weight and size of the sash, the force needed to initiate movement does not exceed 10 kgf. The insignificant amount of force that must be used to open or close the sash, coupled with the low construction threshold, makes day-to-day operation easy for children and people with reduced mobility.


The Team Select Slide lift and slide doors are made of fully recyclable materials. The production technology is part of a sustainable development policy, and the product itself is environmentally friendly also because excellent thermal insulation saves energy, indirectly contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.


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