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Lift & slide door DP 180 is the latest generation construction solution, combining high energy efficiency with unlimited design freedom. The DP 180 is perfect for applications where visual effects and maximum reduction in heat loss play equal role. Excellent thermal insulation at the level of Uw = 0.8 W / m2K, coupled with the ability to lift heavy loads, makes this system highly efficient and responsive to the challenges of modern architecture.

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Large glazing, huge possibilities

Impressive glass surfaces are one of the most desirable visual aspects of contemporary architecture. Creating panoramic glazing without losing lightness can only be achieved with such lift-and-slide door systems like DP 180. Specialized aluminium profiles with possibility of applying up to 62mm thick fillings allow for large dimensions that can lift sashes of even 430kg with height and width up to 3300mm. At the same time, the ways in which the glass panels are combined make the whole structure retain its visual lightness and transparency. The possibility of a glass connection ensures excellent transparency and uniformity of the structure. The DP 180 system also allows to make a corner-to-corner combination of 90 degrees to achieve an impressive glass surface. Due to the use of appropriate reinforcements, it is possible to combine glass into one , even in such complicated structural elements as corners. There is also the possibility to hide the threshold in the floor and the ability to glaze the structure from the outside, which is very practical solution for the installation of large-sized glass.

Lightweight style, solid insulation

Despite the lightness of the entire structure, the DP 180 doors retain excellent mechanical strength and insulation to the highest standards. With a coefficient of thermal transmittance of Uw = 0.8 W / m2K, Uf = 1.1 W / m2K, they guarantee not only warm rooms, but also large savings related to the reduction of energy needed for heating. Investors pay more and more attention to operating costs, not only in housing construction but also in public utilities. The versatility of DP 180 doors makes them easy to install in any type of building, even those with passive standards. The special EPDM and TPE gaskets together with the profile construction allow for excellent sealing of the whole system, not only in terms of heat loss but also water tightness, air permeability and wind load. It is also possible to choose hardware that allow for micro-ventilation.

Front to the user

The DP 180 lift-slide door system has been designed so that the benefits of excellent insulation go hand in hand with high aesthetics and everyday comfort of use. The DP 180 is equipped with a number of additional options, such as the ability to mount a mechanism to automatically open and close doors. Investors can also choose a variant with a movable corner post, which allows for wide opening of the door and even more convenience, for example, when going out onto the terrace.

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