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Team Balance nl is an innovative window system designed to meet the needs of the Dutch market, where energy efficiency and ecology have always been a priority. Team Balance is a combination of excellent thermal insulation and enhanced environmental protection. The window profiles used in this system not only allow to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, but are also 100% recyclable. Warm, economically and ecologically – this is how it is built in the Netherlands.

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Isolation in Dutch

Team Balance nl profiles are extremely effective in reducing heat loss. Seven-chamber frame profile and six-chamber sash profile. The 116 mm mounting depth with 24 mm to 52 mm glass packages is a solid solution that allows to keep as much heat as possible in the building. Windows achieve excellent thermal transmittance of up to 0.70 W / (m²K). In practice, this results in significant savings in the cost of heating, which is part of the Dutch thinking of modern construction. Team Balance nl is very well insulated in terms of protection against heat loss. The double sealing profile construction also effectively protects against all negative atmospheric conditions such as wind, humidity, low and high temperatures. The gaskets used are a barrier for noise and drafts and also prevent the condensation of water vapor on the inside of windows.

Stability and reliability

The Team Balance nl window system guarantees high durability for many years. Excellent material features combined with proven solutions make Team Balance nl reliable, which, properly installed, will fulfil its functions for a long time. This system combines innovative elements with those that have worked well for decades, such as steel reinforcements that provide the right statics and rigidity.


For the Dutch, the sustainable production and ecological idea of the construction industry is of primary importance. Team Balance nl window profiles are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Effectively reducing the emission of gases into the atmosphere, this system is the solution for those who think responsibly.

The Dutch vision of beauty

Team Balance nl is not only a solid insulation and stability, but also a beauty that corresponds to the simplicity and elegance of modern architecture. The classic shape of the frame with slightly rounded edges is a universal and unpretentious solution for any type of architecture. Team Balance is available in many color variants. In addition to the standard white and decorative veneer, they are available in Ral 9001 cream color. It is possible to choose a specific variant for Dutch construction - with different color of the frame and different color of the sash. The system also provides the possibility of constructing windows and doors open to the outside.


of 55 colors

Of the wide range of colors available in this profile, there is something to choose for everyone.

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