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The Team Balance MD window is a multi-chamber system with a depth of 82 mm, which provides increased energy efficiency. Designed for the latest generation of buildings, striving for radical reduction in thermal energy consumption, it also works in buildings subject to thermo-modernization. Veka Team Balance MD window is a low cost heating, warmth and favourable microclimate in the interiors of the premises.

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Excellent thermal insulation

The Team Balance MD window is ideal for buildings that aspire to the highest energy efficiency standards. They can be successfully used even in passive construction, where annual energy consumption should not exceed 15 kWh / m2. Due to the Team Balance MD window profiles, windows can achieve outstanding heat transfer coefficients of Uw ≤ 0.7 W / (m2 * K). This is a value better than the passive house requirement.

The Team Balance MD windows achieve such excellent thermal insulation performance by combining proven solutions with innovative technologies. Their energy efficiency is determined by:

  • Multi-chamber geometry with innovative design of 7 chambers in frame’s profile and 6 chambers in sashes profile.
  • Depth of main sections ≥ 82 mm.
  • Possibility of application the warmest triple packages of glass with thickness from 24 to 52 mm.
  • Deep glazing allowing the glass to be set to a depth of 25 mm.
  • Special MD gasket system with central gasket
  • Profile wall thickness of at least 2.8 mm, which corresponds to class A according to PN-EN 12608: 2004 norm.

Team Balance MD is one of the warmest window systems available on the market, offering thermal comfort and significant reduction in heating costs.

Stability, comfort, security

Team Balance MD windows are based on proven and well-appreciated by users VEKA steel reinforcements that provide excellent statics, burglary safety and reliable performance over the years. Appropriate profile geometry makes them highly resistant to all adverse mechanical and atmospheric factors. The three gasket system effectively protects against noise, cold, moisture and drafts and special fittings, glazing and handles provide reliable protection against burglars. Team Balance MD is a solution that guarantees everyday comfort of use.

Good climate

Team Balance MD windows satisfy the challenge of combining high air tightness with good indoor air quality. They prevent accumulation of moisture and provide warm interiors with stable temperatures. The construction of windows virtually prevents condensation on steam vents, thus preventing the development of mould. The Team Balance MD, is a guarantee of a home not only warm but also healthy and friendly for residents.

Classical chic

Team Balance MD windows combine usable functionality with high aesthetics, perfectly integrating into various architectural concepts. Several dozens of variants of colours and the choice of natural wood or aluminium texture give you great design freedom. Energy efficiency is not attributed to a single building design, so Team Balance MD windows are designed to harmonize with each elevation. Classic design, balanced proportions and versatile chic will be well represented in all types of buildings.


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