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Window and door system without thermal insulation

The PBI 50N is a single chamber system for making non-insulating baffles. It is mainly used in interior constructions such as doors - including swing doors, windows - including feed windows, non-load-bearing partitions, sites and boxes.

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Frame height
of profile building
Ug - heat transfer
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5 years


PBI 50N system profiles with a depth of 50 mm are one of the strongest in their category available on the market. They allow for the installation of durable and reliable door and window constructions. A wide range of profiles (including reinforced posts) allows for construction of large dimensions. On the basis of the PBI 50N system, doors and smoke-tight walls can also be constructed. The PBN 50N system can only be used as outer baffles in cases where thermal insulation and water tightness are not required and static calculations take into account the effects of wind loads.

For special construction

Constructions such as swing doors and non-moving partitions require special technical solutions that can be found in the PBN 50N system. The dimensions of door frames and sashes 50 mm and window sashes 57 mm allow for the construction of comfortable modules. The system allows the use of various types of transparent and opaque fillings of thickness up to 45 mm: single, composite or bulletproof glass, made of transparent, absorbent, ornamental or reflective glass. There are also special fill used in the form of aluminium panels, any furniture walls, gypsum boards or polycarbonate panels.

The system allows for the construction of large dimensions: 2400mmx1200mm or 2300mmx1300mm for single doors and 2400mmx2210mm or 2300mmx2600mm for bipartite doors. Within the system it is possible to create structures in different configurations and layouts. It is also possible to make walls at any angle, including 90 and 135 degrees.

Additional advantages

The ability to connect with other YAWAL systems further extends the spectrum of construction possibilities. Technological solutions used in the PBN 50N system were transferred from the previously introduced PI 50N system based on thermally insulated profiles. The common feature of both systems are accessories and hardware. The unification of these elements avoids mistakes at the prefabrication stage.

The system is distinguished by its aesthetics, which consists in, among other things, the surface finish of profiles: painting with powder varnish and anodizing in any colour according to RAL markings.

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