Anti-burglary windows

The security and the belief that the house is an oasis in which nothing is threatened is one of the main objectives of the investors. When we live on the second, third, fourth floor, we are unlikely to have a visit of uninvited guests. In a single-family home, however, or in a flat on the ground floor, such risks always exist. It is worth keeping in mind when choosing windows to ensure optimum protection of your family and property.

Resistant to burglary

If we want to sleep peacefully or without stress leave for vacation, we pay attention when buying windows for their intrusion resistance. In 70% of cases burglars get home by breaking the sash. Therefore, properly rigged burglar hardware can effectively cool the enthusiasm of unauthorized guests who will start to fear the intervention of a neighbour or passer-by.

There are six classes of burglary resistance (RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, RC6) - the higher the class, the longer the window will resist on the burglar. It is assumed that window hardware in class RC6 resist for 20 minutes in professional burglary attempts using high power tools such as drills, jigsaws and saws. It's enough to hear a burglar. The window with RC3 hardware for 5 minutes will remain intact when attempting to break through with a screwdriver or a crowbar. The RC2 window will provide protection against the use of tools such as pliers, pincers and wedges, and the resistance will be maintained for three minutes.

Robust hardware - burglars without a chance

Team-Plast Roto hardware offer a very solid burglar protection. The use of special protective devices, both mechanical and electronic, protects not only against burglary, but also against a host of other factors that can disrupt the peace and security of residents, such as gas, fire or water, for example due to torrential rain.

Bolts - an insurmountable barrier

Another barrier that effectively discourages the burglar will be steel hook bolts for windows and balcony doors. The use of hardened steel as a raw material and the design of extremely strong jaws of the jamb practically prevents attempts to break. The innovative construction of the bolt is based on the technological solutions used in door locks, which greatly increases the burglary security of windows.

Innovative central closure

Team-Plast's innovative hardware utilizes an innovative solution that anchor bolts together. When a burglar tries to pry the hook of one of the rolls, the second one is immediately anchored. Such a mechanism is a reliable guarantee that the structure of the window will remain unmoved when attempted to force it.

Anti-burglary handles

Also, handles do play a significant role in ensuring the security against burglars. Team-Plast can offer a special version of key-operated windows in which the door handles will counter the burglary attempt. The innovative Secustik® handle is invisible and does not require an additional key or button.

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