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The windows in the Team Danline system offered by Team-Plast targeted to homeowners who have windows with opening function to the outside. An unusual, Scandinavian solution for the opening function is comfortable to operate and guarantees greater airtightness in objects subjected to wind.

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Open to the outside

Outdoor windows are very popular in the Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom. They work well in smaller flats and homes because they leave free space inside after opening. Wherever every square meter is important, they will be the perfect solution. They allow easily place objects on the windowsill, such as pots, and assemble any type of blinds and curtains. Building a house characteristic of northern Europe, it is worth to use the Team Danline windows to create a unique Scandinavian style and cosiness. Windows are available throughout the VEKA colour palette.

Technology for special tasks

Windows with such a non-standard opening method must be equipped with special mechanisms to guarantee the necessary durability and reliability. Team Danline products are based on a 116 mm window frame in which, as in the sashes, a full steel ensures safety and rigidity of the structure. Five-chamber deep profiles allow the use of multi-chamber glazing up to 42 mm wide, which results in a Ug ≤ 0.6 W / (m2 * K) heat transfer coefficient. High tightness guarantee double gaskets. The exceptionally low overall compound of frame width of 95 mm with a sash allows for larger glazing and therefore increases the amount of light entering the building.

Different types of opening

Team Danline system offers the possibility to create different types of tilting windows, such as "top-hung" or "side-hung", in which the sash can open outwardly to the entire width of the opening or parallel to the wall and also to the side-swing construction where the sash opens at a certain angle. It is also possible to make rotating windows.


of 55 colors

Of the wide range of colors available in this profile, there is something to choose for everyone.

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