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The HST Team Balance Slide lift and slide door is a perfect addition to energy-efficient windows in a 82 mm depth building system, which is the quintessence of spatial synergies, panoramic views with high energy efficiency of interiors and buildings. Perfectly illuminated, yet warm interiors, provide residents with the highest level of comfort.

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Everything in set

The HST Team Balance Slide door profiles are complementary to the Team Balance MD window system. The ability to manufacture windows and doors in one system is extremely convenient, cost effective and functional. System compatibility allows the construction of windows and doors with similar parameters in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. It also allows to integrate all glass surfaces visually. Technically and technologically equal , the energy-efficient profile system also provides a guarantee of long-term savings. The hardware, threshold, profile, steel reinforcement of one system manufactured by the same manufacturer mean the precision and perfect fit of the components during assembly and by that the reliability of the operation.

Excellent thermal insulation

Balcony and patio doors are critical components of an energy-efficient home because they can cause potential thermal bridges and as a result costly heat loss. Therefore, the choice of solutions with high thermal insulation is extremely important for the users. HST Team Balance Slide lift and slide doors, based on the latest generation of Team Balance MD window profiles with a depth of 82 mm, are characterized by a level of tightness as high as classic windows. Excellent thermal transmittance of door frame Uf = 1.4 W / (m² * K), also means thermal insulation similar to that of window frames. High utility values are obtained through the innovative construction of multi-chamber profiles, special sealing system and the ability to mount the warmest triple glazing. To achieve excellent insulation parameters also contribute to the thresholds with the division of the thermal.

Open to the landscape

Team Balance Slide doors open the house wide for panoramic views, optically broadening the boundaries of living space. Due to the superior strength and stiffness of the construction, they allow the installation of huge glass surfaces, perfectly fitting into the assumptions of modern architecture. The Team Balance Slide door is a product of new construction, giving unrestricted access to light, lightweight construction and spatial dimension. Large glazing is one of the hallmarks of modern architecture, but also a way to refresh the old building, giving it a new, contemporary character.

Light, silence, warmth

Three elements are that the Team Balance Slide door is identified with the essence of home comfort:

  • First - light. The interiors, well lit by daylight, is one of the conditions for the well-being of the family. The larger the glass surfaces, the brighter the room. The small widths of the profiles make the glazing even bigger and the house even better illuminated in a natural way.
  • Second - silence. The Team Balance Slide gasket system provides optimum protection against noise.
  • Third - warmth. Modern profiles and thresholds with thermal separation not only do not allow for heat loss but also protect against all unfavourable atmospheric factors: wind, cold, rain, moisture. The effect is an optimally warm and cozy home.
  • Fourth - ease of care. Smooth profile surfaces are resistant not only to extreme weather conditions, but also to mechanical damage and contamination. They are easy to keep clean and will never require painting.

Simplicity and beauty

Team Balance Slide doors can become an important aesthetic accent of the facade, adding to its modern character while emphasizing its individual character. Smooth, framed surfaces without clearly defined edges and welds, virtually invisible gaskets, are the solution to today's architectural trends. Optimally low visible parts of frames and sashes make the glass to play a central role, which can be assembled in any configuration. The Team Balance Slide system allows for the combination of four sliding doors with an impressive total width of 6.50 m and a height of 2.70 m. Fans of stronger accents have a wide range of colour profiles and a choice of wood or aluminium texture.


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Of the wide range of colors available in this profile, there is something to choose for everyone.

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