Team Plast
– style with rules

Team Plast is a manufacturer of uPVC and aluminium windows and doors. The company started its activity on October the 18th, 2002 and its registered office is in Stradomia Wierzchnia, Syców in Lower Silesia.

The window joinery industry is one of the most dynamically developing construction sectors. Constant tightening of insulation and energy-saving standards mobilizes manufacturers to continually improve their products and improve their technology. That is why, when we started out, the window joinery market was in a completely different place than it is now. We took the challenge to keep up with it and even overtake it wherever possible. The pursuit of innovation and the highest quality of products, while respecting the principles of sustainable construction, has become our main objective. Today we can say that we succeeded. The window systems offered by us are recognized both in Poland and abroad, guaranteeing comfort and reliability.

14 years of participation and activity on a difficult and highly competitive window manufacturing market makes it possible today to harness the potential of our continued youthful organization, but of well-established technical intelligence, open for business partnerships, live and responsive to market needs. An organization that bases all its activities on the pillars of credibility, professionalism, commitment, perseverance and problem solving skills.
The support we receive from our reliable partners, including VEKA, GEALAN, Roto, Glassolution, Yawal and Aluprof, is our goal. It is also due to them that we can offer our customers window constructions with the highest value of usable and versatile application, irrespective of the purpose of the object or its location. VEKA industrial design, the beauty and boldness of GEALAN colours, Aluprof versatility, Yawal durability, ROTO usability, and the modernity of Glassolutions Saint Gobain make for a unique, universal style of Team Plast branding. Our products and constructions with the same ease and precision fit in with the requirements and architecture of historic buildings as well as ultra-modern skyscrapers in city centres or energy-efficient housing estates or homes with passive energy characteristics.

Massaki Imai, creator of quality management strategy Kaizen believes that quality is all that can be improved. The Team Plast brand takes this view for its own. We focus on education and research. We are at the stage of building our own training centre, which will include a laboratory where we will perform our own tests of the usability of our windows and doors. It is true that today they meet the stringent requirements set by EU standards for buildings from 2021, but our intentions and technical projects go far beyond that date. We will create, evaluate and continuously improve our products, because this is the purpose and expectations of the market and our partners. We want to become a manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors that are valued for style and rules. We will sign only the products of Team Plast, which will give you the best of everything.