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Dividing interiors by the glass partition walls is one of the main trends in the arrangement of office space. This is an effective solution combining minimalist elegance with broadly defined functionality, because it allows for the specific "management" of light and optics in the rooms. Due to glass partitions, the interior of the office can be divided into comfortable partitions, without losing sight of the daylight and keeping the impression of open space. That's what the MB-80 Office system is all about.

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Behind the glass wall quieter

MB-80 OFFICE internal partition walls system is used to construct many variants of internal partitions in offices and other public facilities. In terms of requirements, it is adapted primarily to the specificity of offices, where one of the most important practical considerations is the need for high acoustic insulation. When there are several boxes in one open space, noise protection becomes a key issue. The MB-80 OFFICE walls provide excellent acoustics for the office, achieving acoustics at 50 dB depending on the fillings applied.

Simplicity and effect

The MB-80 OFFICE system allows space to be created in any way. It allows the use of various types of transparent and non-transparent fillings, indoor shutters and the installation of electrical equipment and office equipment. It allows the installation of 4-14 mm thick glass, 16-18 mm thick furniture panels, as well as gypsum plasterboards. It is also possible to connect the system baffle with a standard 75 mm plasterboard wall and 80 mm and 92 mm walls. Using the solutions contained in the system the space can be freely divided, due to the possibility of realization of the angle of the wall in the range of 90 ° ÷ 180. The maximum height of the building is 5.5 m.

The MB-80 OFFICE is compatible with MB-45, MB-45S door and MB-45 OFFICE door systems.

The simplicity of the implementation and the great versatility of the system make it a designer-friendly solution. The possibility of prefabrication of the entire structure on the construction site significantly accelerates the process of construction and arrangement.

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