Tilt & turn

When the arrangement of rooms makes it difficult to access the windows, instead of climbing onto kitchen cabinets, a desk or a sofa in the living room every time you want to ventilate the room you can choose and apply the solution easier and more functional. Roto NT Comfort window is easy to open and close no matter what its location.

Handles for special tasks

When we hardly reach the window handle, the ideal solution may be to place it in the lower part of the window sash. If we add it to a special hardware mechanism that forces the sash open or tilt when the handle is in the right position, opening windows in difficult to reach areas can be easier and simpler. Such an intelligent solution is Roto NT Comfort. A longer lever than a standard arm is used here, giving you more torque, making it easier to handle even large and heavy windows.

Airing as needed

Adjustable volume and airflow control are the characteristics of mechanical ventilation or air conditioning. And what about the buildings equipped with the traditional natural ventilation system and the air that falls into the house through the open window? Due to the multi-stage tilting mechanism, you can let in the house as much air as you need. This solution allows you to control the intensity of weathering without causing excessive heat loss during the autumn and winter. In the summer we can ventilate the rooms at will. An additional tilting stabilizer protects against sudden snapping of the window sash as a result of the draft.

A window that blows itself

Constant fresh air supply to the premises is a matter of great importance for the proper microclimate, temperature and relative humidity levels. The E-Tec Drive automatic ventilation and locking mechanism will take care of regular and proper ventilation of the room. At the scheduled time, it will tilt and close the window sash and after closing, it will lock around the perimeter. Due to E-Tec Drive window can be opened remotely in short ventilation and closed after the programmed time. This solution works great when most of the day we are out of the house and we want to provide room air circulation in that time.

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