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Window and door system with increased thermal insulation

Energy efficiency becomes one of the most important standards of modern construction. The use of window and door joinery with increased thermal insulation is not only a guarantee of warm and comfortable interiors, but also the savings associated with the reduced energy expenditure needed for heating. Reducing operating costs is just as important for housing and utilities. The MB-70 system is designed specifically to minimize heat loss in every type of building.

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Ug - heat transfer
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Construction for heat

The MB-70 is an aluminium system based on modern profile solutions. It is used for making various elements of the exterior: any variant of windows, doors, vestibules and spatial constructions.

Its enhanced thermal insulation system owes primarily to the specialized, three-chamber profile construction. The structural depth of window profiles 70 mm for the frame and 79 mm for the sash, and for the doors respectively 70 mm and 70 mm open wide design possibilities. On the one hand, it allows to achieve great visual effects, giving the highly desirable in modern architecture the effect of one surface on the outside of the building. On the other hand, such a depth of the frame allows for the installation of the highest quality glass packages, which play a major role in the thermal insulation of the whole structure. Under the system it is possible to use glazing units from 21 mm to 57 mm thick in window sash and from 12 mm to 48 mm thick in fixed windows and door sashes. This range also allows to install non-standard glass.

The use of special thermal inserts and gaskets results in a favourable heat transfer coefficient for the frame, which varies from 1.5 to 2.39 W / m2K, depending on the profiles and accessories used. Profiled thermal pads in the form of omega-widths 34 (windows) and 24 (doors) mm of fiberglass reinforced polyamide are proven and effective solutions for raising not only heat protection but also system resistance to adverse weather conditions. Thermal insulation is also raised by an additional seal on the joint of the profile and spacers, as well as the seal is made of resistant and perfectly insulating material: two-component EPDM synthetic rubber. The central seal of this innovative material was first made in the MB-70 system.

Windows in many variants

The MB-70 system opens up a wide range of possibilities for the selection of windows of various designs and functionalities.

    Various versions of window frames are available:
  • windows with hidden sash MB-70US / MB-70US HI, MB-70 SG
  • windows in the version for the historic buildings MB - 70 Industrial
  • windows with three types of bars: Standard, Prestige, Style,
  • two-colour constructions, with different colour profiles on the outside, different from the inside.

The basic range of profiles allows for the construction of windows open both to the outside and inside and to use various types of hardware: tilt, turn, tilt-and-turn, tilt-and-slide and folding constructions. On the basis of the system it is also possible to install larger site constructions.

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