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Team Select window profiles have excellent thermal insulation, timeless design and a variety of construction options. It is a versatile system, incorporating in modern building trends that is an innovative platform for windows, entry doors and HST sliding systems.

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Energy efficiency

Windows in the Team Select system meet the highest standards in terms of thermal insulation. They achieve a heat transfer coefficient Uf 0.89 W / (m2 * K) with central sealing system and Uf 1.0 W / (m2 * K) in a rebated sealing system, without support elements such as, for example, steel with thermal separation. This puts the system very high among the products of energy-efficient joinery , allowing for the installation of windows in the construction of higher energy standards. Excellent thermal insulation provides a six-chamber profile and a depth of 82.5 mm in the frame and sash and an intelligent three-way sealing system. The barrier for cold air from the outside is an additional seal mounted in the bottom and the use of the IKD® thermal core technology. It is an additional filling of the insulating material of one of the chambers in the jamb frame. Limiting the thermal bridges also ensures a deeper window sill due to the increased glazing bead. The system is adapted to use a warm triple glazing.


The Team Select system is highly rigid, making it resistant to mechanical factors and extremely durable. The above-average static values of windows and balcony doors result from the STV® technology, which consists of direct gluing of the double glazing unit using a double-sided tape. This is a unique "dry" glue paste technology without the use of adhesives. In this way, the combination of static glass performance and steel reinforcements takes place and the entire system becomes more stable and resistant to wind pressure and sucking forces.

Team Select windows are not only durable, but also resistant to colour changes. Acrylcolor technology allows to maintain a perfectly smooth surface and unchanging colour for years. Window profiles are covered with a coating of acrylic glass approximately 0.5 mm thicker than the classic veneer or lacquer. Acrylic glass is the material from which also car lamps are made. Easily remove dirt or scratches from it, it is also resistant to peeling and mechanical damage.


The Team Select window profile system follows the versatile requirements of modern architecture. It works well in both new construction and refurbished buildings. The 82.5 mm optimum depth of installation system allows for different design variants in the design of windows, doors and HST sliding systems. It allows the construction of large glazing, classic window joinery in traditional buildings and unconventional, decorative windows.

Comfort and security

The same solutions, which guarantee excellent thermal performance, also provide good acoustic insulation and protection against moisture. The Team Select windows are a new quality design for a comfortable home – without noise, heat loss, good ventilation and a favourable microclimate.


The Team Select windows are made of fully recyclable materials, making their production technology part of sustainable development. They are also environmentally friendly because their excellent thermal insulation allows for energy savings, indirectly contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.


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