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Energy-efficient window system

The TM 77HI window system is specifically designed for buildings requiring multi-level protection: against heat, noise, wind and water. It allows to obtain warm and quiet interiors with favourable microclimate. It also guarantees a reduction in operating costs and energy costs.

Sash height
Frame height
of profile building
Ug - heat transfer
coefficient of the glass
Uw - heat transfer
coefficient of the profile
5 years

Heat on each floor

    The TM 77HI window system is ideal for any type of building - even in multi-storey buildings, giving the opportunity to create large constructions. Based on its components can be constructed:
  • fixed windows,
  • tilt / turn windows,
  • tilt windows,
  • turn windows,
  • multi-sash windows,
  • windows with fixed posts.

In each variant, the TM 77HI system is perfectly suited to its insulating function, giving the possibility of achieving a sensible heat transfer coefficient for the frame in the range Uf = 0.8 to 1.4 W / m2K - PN-EN 10077. Such parameters allow for the assembly of windows in buildings with increased energy efficiency, significantly reducing operating costs. Windows owes solid thermal insulation to specialized solutions such as chamber thermal insulators along with filling the internal surfaces of the profiles in the thermal bridge area with insulating materials. Good values also contribute to the system of 2-component central sealing.

Good insulation is comfort

TM 77HI windows are one of the solutions whose primary purpose is to ensure comfort inside the premises. The special profile construction consisting of two aluminium sections, separated by insulating tapes, provides robust protection not only against heat but also against negative external influences such as noise, wind and water. As a result, windows become a key element of the facade, responsible not only for the aesthetic effect, but also for the well-being of the building's users.

    Windows are very good in terms of insulation:
  1. Air permeability - class 4 acc. To PN 12207
  2. Waterproof - E1650 acc. To EN 12208
  3. Acoustic insulation - 39-48 dB acc. To PN-EN ISO 140-3

One system - multiple windows

The TM 77HI system allows for the development of modern window constructions in a variety of configurations. The mounting depth of 77 mm for the frame and 86.4 mm is the starting point for mounting various windows. The system works with a whole range of hardware components, allowing for a variety of configurations, even electrically and remotely controlled.

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