to the kid's room

Safety of use and wide access to daylight are the basic requirements that we set for the windows in the children's room. The window hardware chosen for the rooms in which the youngest guests are staying should be limited, and it is best to completely eliminate the hazards of operation. Specialized solutions in the field of hardware and window technology serve this purpose. Second, the extent to which glass surfaces allow daylight and absorbs the energy of sunlight should be taken into account. The pupil's room should provide thermal comfort with the best possible natural light.

Intelligent window protects the child

The availability and simplicity of window opening and closing functions is no longer desirable in children's rooms. The negligible operating forces, the usability of the force needed to open the window, are rather a disadvantage than an advantage. Even more important is the installation of the locking mechanism of the opening and closing to counteract the dangerous effects of our children's fun.

The ROTO solution called "TiltFirst" is an intelligent hardware technology that changes the order of the opening function. "TiltFirst" means just the first thing to tilt, then open. After a standard 90 ° door handle rotation, the window leaf is locked in the tilt position. The cylindrical door handle does not allow the sash to move from the tilt position to fully open. Only turning the key releases the lock and allows the handle to be upright and fully open in the open position. If the key is in the hands of the carers, the safety of the toddler is guaranteed. In the future, if you need to change the purpose of the room, the "TiltFirst" lock can be removed without the slightest problem.

Room full of light

Optimal level of daylight is another important feature of windows in children's rooms. Researches show that staying in a well-lit environment not only minimizes the risk of vision defects, but also helps to improve the development of the toddler. Do not forget that pravastatin D turns into essential vitamin D3 all the necessary under the influence of light and heat energy of the body. Already for this reason it is worth to choose for the children's rooms windows with increased glazing area and high light transmission.

Quiet oasis

It is also important to pay attention to the sound insulation level when choosing the windows for your child's room. All the outer partitions in the room where they play, learn and sleep the youngest should effectively isolate from the noise. The noise levels in the rooms should not exceed 35 dB. Under such conditions, the child's room will be a good and safe place not only for fun but also for study, relaxation and peaceful sleep.

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