Energy-efficient windows

Warm windows, it's a warm home. The smaller the amount of heat input and output, the greater the savings associated with the energy costs of heating. Energy-efficient windows are an investment that pays for itself, providing additional long-term benefits in terms of reducing heating costs. In addition to the quantifiable benefits of money, energy-efficient windows are daily comfort for residents who can enjoy real home warmth in the cool autumn and winter days.

Economically and ecologically

Windows are an extremely important elements of the thermal insulation of the house. If not properly selected and installed, they can generate up to 30% heat loss, which in turn significantly increases the energy requirement for rooms heating. Choosing energy-efficient windows is a manifestation of economic and ecological thinking. We save money from home budgets, protecting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The offer of Team-Plast has many types of windows that meet the highest requirements and standards in the field of thermal insulation, designed for use in energy-saving and passive construction.

Thermal permeability coefficient

When purchasing energy-efficient windows, the thermal insulation of the whole construction should be taken into account, not only the glass or frame. Only cooperation of all components of the window ensures maximum thermal protection.

Therefore, the value of the Uw coefficient, the heat transfer coefficient of the window structure as a whole, is crucial. It indicates the amount of energy that passes through a unit of time through a window of a certain area at a temperature difference of 1K. The lower the Uw value, the lower the heat loss through the window. Currently, for all types of standard windows, a value of Umax 1.1 W / (m2 * K) is required. Energy-efficient windows manufactured by Team-Plast are characterized by a heat transfer coefficient of 0.7 to 1.0 W / (m2 * K). So good product performance is achieved by the simultaneous application of a number of solutions in the field of window technology.

Multi-chamber profiles - better insulation

The element that distinguishes the energy efficient windows and determines their effectiveness are the profiles used to build them. Compared with standard solutions, energy-efficient window profiles feature a depth of 82 mm to 90 mm, which combined with a larger number of internal chambers, contributes to improving the thermal insulation of the frames and sashes. The larger depths of the profiles allow for the use of thicker glazed units dedicated to such windows. The heat gain of the windows is further enhanced by the technological solutions used in the profiles such as frame insulating wedge in the Team Point system and the IKD foam available in the Team Select system profiles.

Equally important are the gaskets used in profiles. Used by Team-Plast for the production of energy-efficient windows, the Team Balance MD, Team Point, Team Select profile systems have an additional central gasket made of modern weatherproof materials, moisture and deformation. This guarantees a better seal of the window and reduces the uncontrolled air infiltration into the living space.

Key role of glass for heat

The glass is the most important element of the energy efficient window. Being a better heat insulator from the window profiles, the use of the right glass package brings the greatest benefit in terms of reducing energy losses through conduction. In the energy-efficient windows Team-Plast use most complex glazing units with a thermal transmittance coefficient of Ug = 0.5 W / (m2 * K). These are packages consisting of 3 panes of 4mm thickness, separated by two 18mm plastic spacers and an interstitial space filled with noble gas (argon or krypton). Compared to the standard package of Ug = 1.1, the energy efficient double glazing package is twice as thick (48mm vs 24mm), which requires a sufficient depth of profile for its assembly - yet it can hold as much as 40% more energy!

The plastic spacers used in Team-Plast windows, commonly referred to as "warm frames", contribute to the reduction of heat loss in the peripheral part of glass units. By limiting the value of the thermal bridge in this area, we provide users with a higher level of comfort because of the significant increase in the dew point temperature, thereby reducing the risk of water vapour condensation at the joining point of the glazing with window profiles. By applying appropriate combinations of coatings on glass surfaces we can also influence the adaptation to the individualized needs of passive solar energy gains.

Energy-efficient windows - it's worth it!

Is it worth investing money in buying energy-efficient windows? Energy-efficient windows of Team-Plast provide a reduction in the amount of heat loss by as much as 400% compared to other standard windows that meet the requirements of Polish building regulations and approved for use in the building industry. This means measurable financial benefits and a rapid return on investment regardless of the type of heating energy used to heat your home or apartment. Regardless of the significant direct financial benefits to the buyer, energy-efficient windows by Team-Plast also guarantee comfort for all other users of the premises and effective protection of the environment. Is it worth investing money in buying energy-efficient windows? Yes, it is worth it!

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