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Thermo-insulated window and door system

The MB-60 is a system of aluminium profiles with basic thermal insulation, perfect for modern realizations. It is used to design and assemble various types of windows, doors, vestibules, sites and spatial constructions.

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Ug - heat transfer
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Aesthetics and endurance

The MB-60 is a robust insulated system that allows the construction of slim and durable windows and doors. It is used to create external buildings, one of which is to protect the premises against heat loss, noise and weather. System profiles are characterized by a three-chamber structure. The depth of the window frame is 60 mm, for the sash 69 mm, and for doors of 60 mm and 60 mm, respectively, allows to obtain the effect of one surface on the outside. Therefore, the system perfectly fits into the building trends, in which one of the determinants are large glass surfaces.

Windows according to needs

The MB-60 system allows to the construction of windows in various functional and aesthetic variants. Due to the possibility of bending profiles, among others: frames, sashes allow to the installation of various arches and arch constructions.

    Within the system, we can make a variety of windows, including:
  • windows with hidden sash MB-60US,
  • rotary windows MB-60 Pivot,
  • windows in the Industrial version, that is the appearance of the so-called "Steel –look like"
  • windows with three types of glazing beads : Standard, Prestige, Style,
  • Two-colour constructions, with different colour of profiles on the outside, different from the inside.

The spectrum of structural and visual variants further extends MB-60's close connection with MB-45, MB-59S and MB-70 window and door systems. They combine the ability to use many compatible components, such as common glazing beads, corners, sealing strips, glazing gaskets , joint hardware , locks, hinges and many identical technologies. The effect of such unification is a universality of the system, unifying both external and internal appearance of the windows, doors and other products. This allows for the installation of homogeneous stylistically constructions , though made in different external or internal systems.


The MB-60 system is a window and door construction with solutions that guarantee good thermal insulation and effective protection against unfavourable atmospheric factors. The use of thermal inserts and gaskets allows to obtain heat transfer coefficient Uf for windows: from 2.0 W / m2K, and for doors: from 2.30 W / m2K. Profiled omega-shaped thermal inserts with a width of 24 (windows) and 14 (doors) mm of polyamide reinforced by fiberglass effectively protect against excessive heat losses. In turn, the shape of the spacers does not allow for the accumulation of moisture in the sections, providing insulation performance in all atmospheric conditions. All doors have a good insulation as well as water and air permeability due to HPVC and EPDM gaskets.

Aluprof MB-60 HI - system with increased thermal insulation

The MB-60 system has become the starting point for solutions with increased thermal insulation such as Aluprof MB-60 HI windows and doors. These constructions are recommended for buildings that seek to achieve a favourable energy balance and reduce operating costs. Frames applied to the system achieve a heat transfer coefficient Uf of 1.48 W / (m2 * K), depending on the profiles and accessories used. Good thermal insulation performance is achieved by placing special aluminium inserts in the central aluminium chambers that block heat flow through the construction.

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